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Zuko said WHAT?!

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Ever see a picture in your local newspaper with a cartoon and then some words below it? Read a magazine and it has two people with blank speech bubbles that you can fill in and send to the company but yours never got published? Captionbending works like that.

What this is about

Every three to four days someone posts a screenshot involving 2-3 characters from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender and people can make up their own caption. Confused? Here's how it works...

Someone posts a screenshot of 2-3 Avatar characters and people add their own captions. Three days later a winner is declared and he/she can pick the next screenshot and so on and so forth. So don't rush; wait for three days after posting your screenshot before picking a winner.

How to Win
The winner is chosen by the person who posted the screenshot. So even if your best friend posted a caption but it's not as funny as that other one, try to be fair. It's based on how original it is and of course, humor. You know when you won when your name appears on the next post.Only the winner may post a screenshot to be "captionbended"

Better now? No, you need ANOTHER example? Luckily, I have one up my sleeve...

So you won the previous contest. Good for you. You have the perfect screenshot in mind. Before you break any rules, here's how you do post your screenshot:

1. Picture.
2. Label the episode it came from.

That's it. Two easy as pie steps.
Do you know now? No? What's wrong with you!!-er- here's another example.

Example Two

So you want to enter? Goodie. How should you format it? Let's say so-and-so posted a screenshot of Toph and Katara. There is TWO ways to show your answer:

#1 - the Typed way.

Toph: Sugar Queen!
Katara: [thinking] Hmph!

The format is a colon for whom is speaking and these [ ] you should use for [thinking], [whispering], [grinning], most -ing words.

#2 - the Picture way.

You can save the picture and just add the words on there.

Da Fricken Rules Listen well....OR DIE! Well, not really, but you could get banned. Which is like dying.

1. Do NOT be obscene and profane. Meaning, don't curse TOO much and be nice.
2. Only post a screenshot with 2 TO 3 characters. Not four, not one and yes, Momo and Appa count as characters.
3. The winner of the last screenshot contest can NOT participate in his/her/its own contest. Meaning if he/she/it posts a screenshot, they can't add their own caption.
4. No innuendo, drug or sexual references. Keep it clean. "She's hot" is more acceptable than "She's a sexy bitch!"
5. Try not to bash ANY ships. You can pro-ship the couple but try not to start a shipping war.
6. Try to be good at grammar and spelling. I can NOT stand chatspeak.
toff: u r liek teh best!
aang: we be gud frends!

See? It sucks.
7. No cheating.
8. Wait for three to four days after posting your screenshot and then choose the winner.
9. Be original and have fun!

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Like to affiliate? Just comment on any post to do so :)